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treat your best friend

01444 243439

49 Station Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9DE

good grooming

Good grooming is necessary and important for a dog's well being. Not only does your dog and home smell better, but your dog is also happier and healthier.


We do a 6 point health check - MOT (mutt's on top).


1. ears - clean and clear of hair, parasites and dirt which could cause infection.

2. eyes - bright and clear, not red and sore.

3. nose - a wet nose is a healthy nose.

4. mouth - any bad breath could be tartar build-up, we check for tartar and any other bacteria which could lead to infection.

5. nails - need to be well maintained and should be trimmed once a month, though carefully. For a dog, nails that are not trimmed periodically can result in the vein within the nail becoming longer, making it impossible to cut the nail to a normal length. Cutting too short could catch the vein and cause bleeding.

6. skin - we check all of the dogs skin for any abnormalities and parasites. With a variety of shampoos we help to combat a skin condition.


We only treat and groom where we feel confident and may advise you on any condition to consult your vet.


* Prices and timings may vary according to any special requirements or behaviour of the dog.

* The above breed categories on size are guidelines.

* Animals that need de-matting or bite may incur additional fees.

* Please exercise your dog before your grooming appointment.

* If the dog is nervous it is best not to feed him or her for a few hours before your appointment.

* Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards accepted.

We aim to be fair and sensible with our pricing.

We use products that are safe and hypoallergenic.

Please make us aware of any special requirements or temperament that we should be aware of.

full groom

- thorough dry brush out - warm bath - warm blow dry - teeth clean - ears plucked and sanitary cleaned

- trim and style coat - nails clipped - coat finish

- tear stain remove - odour spritz

Call us on 01444 243439, use the 'contact us' button above or email

We offer a 20% concession discount for all grooming and daycare services for registered guide dogs!

If de-shedding, de-matting or shaving is needed then a £10 - £15 surcharge will apply as equipment quality is compromised and extra time is needed for the appointment. This will be discussed prior to the start of the appointment.





bath and brushed warm air dry...


bath, warm air dry and hygiene trim...


full groom...


small dog



45 minutes



1 hour


£32 - £35

90 minutes


medium dog



1 hour



90 minutes


£38 - £42

2 hours


large dog


£35 - £39

1 hour


£39 - £42

90 minutes


£48 - £55

2 hours

hygiene trim

- thorough dry brush out - warm bath - warm blow dry - teeth clean - ears plucked and sanitary cleaned

- clipper trim under feet and around genitals - nails clipped -

- scissor trim around eyes - odour spritz


small dog



Toy Pom

King Charles Spaniel





Border Terrier






medium dog


Shih Tzu

Miniature Schnauzer


Cocker Spaniel

Bichon Frise



Welsh Terrier



large dog


Golden Retriever




English Setter


Old English Sheepdog


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